Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lunch at the Red Devon

After church we went in search of a new restaurant and found one in Bangall, New York which is a short distance from Stanfordville where we attended church.

 The Red Devon Restaurant

The Widdowson’s who own this restaurant are very active in land conservation and environmental advocacy and in fact, own a small herd of Devon beef cattle raised strictly on grass…thus the restaurant’s name. 
There was great parking and a nicely landscaped garden around the Red Devon so we were excited to see what was to eat inside.

We knew the food was extra-ordinary so when we arrived home, we looked up the Red Devon on the internet and found that the owners are "commited to being an environmentally responsible business by using only locally-grown and seasonal ingredients in their food preparation. We also learned that the physical renovation was “green” as well. Local carpenters used old local barn wood to create a new dining room; refrigerators are in the basement to save energy and water is cooled geothermally."

They have a very appealing bakery section and we took home some cookies and some cranberry bread.  They were both terrific!

 Lots of wonderful looking salads!

Lee sitting waiting for me to return.  
I was taking pictures!  What else!

I had a quiche and salad for lunch and Lee had chicken salad.  Both were really good.  The salad had two many weird greens for me but the salad dressing was good.    

“From the rooftop solar hot-water system to the variable volume kitchen exhaust to the spoons crafted from potato starch, this is the green go-to for getting fantastically fresh food — in an environment that is serious about progressive environmental and agricultural change.”     – Hudson Valley Magazine

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