Sunday, June 28, 2015

Afternoon With Lori and Phil

We drove over to Lori and Phil's place in South English to say good bye to them before we head out.  Last time we were here, Phil cooked.  This time I brought out a dish I've been wanting to try at Winter Ranch.  It was a Cinnamon Raisin French Toast.  I'm thinking about making it for a brunch at Winter Ranch so they were my guinea pigs.  It was pretty good so I think we'll do it this season at the Ranch.

Phil and Laura

Lori has several of these beautiful orchids growing.  She even gave me one and I forgot to bring it with me.  Hope it is still alive when we come back in September!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Freedom Bop at Newbo Market

Today was the Freedom Bop at the Newbo Market in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  We drove over to Paul and Pat's house and they drove over to the market.   Two of the bands that were really popular in the area when I was a teenager were on stage:  The Legends and The Do's and the Don'ts. 

Paul and Pat are enjoying some food they purchased inside the Newbo Market.

The Legends 

The Legends played first and they sounded pretty good.  I really didn't know about them when I was a kid or I can't remember them anyway.

Paul and Lee walked over to Parlor City and brought us back dinner:  Tenderloins and fries. Lee and I shared one order which was plenty.   It wasn't the best tenderloin I've ever had but we were hungry so we ate it. 

The crowd started getting a lot bigger before the Do's and Don'ts went on stage.

 This is how I remember them!

The Do's and The Don'ts were inducted into the Iowa Rock N Roll Music Association's Hall of Fame in 1997. When the original group, which included Dick and Zelda Sherman (bass guitar and keyboard respectively), Roger Booth (drums and lead vocals), and Dick Burns (lead guitar), started in 1959 nobody knew that they would make Iowa rock music history.  They were one of the first professional bands in Iowa to play Rock N Roll music. They were also the first one in the state to feature a female keyboard player in what was mostly an all-male music business. Zelda joined in 1962.

I tried to get a picture of them, but it didn't turn out so I had to go to their website to get this one.

It was fun listening to the music from the 60's.  We can relate to it!  My brother, Paul, and I helped them sing a few of the tunes! lol
There were a couple of balloons flying overhead.

Lee and me.  I wore a top that would have fit right in during the 1960's.  We bought it when we were staying in New York.  We found this crazy store that sold all kinds of 60's garb.

Pat is getting ready to head home.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jerry and Carol Schaub's 50th Wedding Reception at 1st Congregational Church

Our dear friends, Jerry and Carol Schaub, celebrated their 50th Anniversary with church friends at First Congregational Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Our other dear friends, the Taylors and the Cuhels served at the reception along with Ken and Carol Bean.  Ken is Carol Schaub's brother.  We think everything went well except that there were complaints from several of us about our feet killing us by the time it was over.  

We were really glad that we were here to help them celebrate this momentous occasion in their lives!  It was also good to see a lot of our church friends that we hadn't seen for awhile.

Carol Cuhel cutting cake

Jerry is chatting with one group and 
Carol is chatting with Ken Cuhel

Carol and church friends

Carol Bean serving Champagne Cake - Boy, was it wonderful!

Our long-time church organist, Doris Gitzy, is on the left.

Barb Taylor and 

Carol Bean and Kenny Cuhel

Jim and Dawn Moriarity

Jeff and Julie Wooff and Marilyn Fleer

Carol and Carol

Barb is serving chocolate cake

Carl Christenson and Esther Christenson, his Mother

Lee serving punch

Mary serving coffee

Lee talking to John  McCormick

Barb is talking to Jeanne Hepker

Barb talking to Jan Smith

  Carol talking to Pam Dircks

Our previous minister of 30 years, Glenn Bender, and Kenny Cuhel

Lee chatting with Glenn and Ken

Esther, Carol and Joyce Vogt

The Schaub/Bean Family

Decorating for Carol and Jerry's 50th Wedding Reception at Church

Today our dear friends, Jerry and Carol Schaub are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary with church family at 2 PM today.  So the group of us that are helping with their celebration met to set up Fellowship Hall for the event.

Larry is goofing off behind Barb and me

Okay, here is the good one of the two of us!

Friends Forever:  Barb, Carol S, Carol C, and Me

Gorgeous centerpiece

Lovely cakes:  Chocolate, Champage and 
Carrot Cake will be served

Best Buds:  Lee, Jerry, Larry and Ken

Carol and Jerry with the Champagne Cake - my personal favorite!

All is ready to go!

Visiting with Pam Dircks, Monica and Matt Walz

After church today, we visited with another one of my dearest friends, Pam Dircks, and with her daughter, Monica, and her family, Matt and Brooklyn and Emmaline.

Matt, Brooklyn and Monica

One of my favorite things to do - holding little Emmaline

The Dircks/Walz Families

If Brooklyn doesn't see me with the camera, 
she smiles a lot more!! lol