Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bus Trip To The Mid-Valley Lighted Christmas Parade

We took a Bus Trip the Mid-Valley Lighted Christmas Parade.  There were other events going on at Alfresco Weslaco and supposedly there was jazz on the street at 6 PM, however, when we arrived people were lined up for the parade so we joined them.  Jack got us a great parking space as he told the police he had a bus full of "old" people to drop off!  So, there were many jokes about going "back to the home." On the way back we passed a float full of teenagers that had been in the parade.  Someone yelled to them that we were on our way back to the home and we all started waving and carrying on.  The kids probably thought we were from a different kind of home!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Colletti's Italian Restaurant

The Golden Age of Hollywood and Mexican Cinema in Harlingen Mural at 101 East Jackson Street

Colletti's, Italian Restaurant in Harlingen

After the art gallery we were let loose around town to shop and have lunch.  We all went our separate ways as their were several nice eating places and lots of shopping to do.   Some of the group visited the New York Deli, The Pumpernickel Tearoom, the City Coffee Shop, El Sombrero, or The Twins Mexican Restaurant.  Since we love Italian food, we headed to Colletti's.

Richard and Donna

Coletti's Courtyard
 It was too chilly to eat outside!

Fried Ravoli

A Thin Pasta with a Mushroom Sauce

Mural - The Tropical Playground of Texas

This mural is by John Aretakis on the east wall of 123 East Jackson Street.

It was a great mystery trip.

Beyond Arts Gallery, Harlingen, Texas

Our next stop on the Bus Trip was the Beyond Arts Gallery which is a new contemporary gallery in Harlingen.  It opened on September 12th, 2013.   

Tropical Rio Grand Valley Mural
This mural is by Benjamin P. Varela and Celeste DeLuna.  It is on the East wall surrounding the courtyard at 213 West Monroe.  This is the back wall of Grimsell's.

Heading into the Gallary

This is the exhibit in the gallery

"Airing Out My Dirty Laundry"

Closeup of the front Panel

"Mixing Dimensions"

Sembrador "Sower"

"The Seed Has Already Been Planted"

Chuck Klinger "Some Assembly Required"

Our group in the gallery, Donna Jenkins in the front

Me in front of "I Must Be Patient"

Lee decided I should have my picture taken near this piece of art.  It reminds us of being young when the teacher would reprimand by having a student right a phrase over and over.  This one would suit me because it is one of my worst vices.  I struggle to be patient!

"The Person Who Knows When to Harvest"
 "The Person Without Fears"

"The Ladder Person And The Patience Test"

"Smoking While I Wait"

"Why Do I Want The River When I Can Have The Sea"

Unusual Christmas Tree

Back on the Bus

Grimsell's Seed Company, Harlingen, Texas

Grimsell’s Seed Company was started in 1916 by Frank Grimsell, who was originally from Chicago. Daughter Frances and her husband E.F. Griffen continued the family ownership passing management on to son Don in 1972. Today, Don’s sister Carol Mayfield oversees the business that continues to supply seed and feed to farmers in South Texas’ "Magic Valley" while adding nursery stock for the residential gardener. 

This mural of Bill Haley is across the street from Grimsell's.  Bill Haley lived for awhile in Harlingen and he passed away there.  He is famous for his songs "Rock Around the Clock", "See You Later, Alligator" "Shake, Rattle and Roll."  He died in Harlingen at the age of 55 in 1981.