Thursday, December 12, 2013

Beyond Arts Gallery, Harlingen, Texas

Our next stop on the Bus Trip was the Beyond Arts Gallery which is a new contemporary gallery in Harlingen.  It opened on September 12th, 2013.   

Tropical Rio Grand Valley Mural
This mural is by Benjamin P. Varela and Celeste DeLuna.  It is on the East wall surrounding the courtyard at 213 West Monroe.  This is the back wall of Grimsell's.

Heading into the Gallary

This is the exhibit in the gallery

"Airing Out My Dirty Laundry"

Closeup of the front Panel

"Mixing Dimensions"

Sembrador "Sower"

"The Seed Has Already Been Planted"

Chuck Klinger "Some Assembly Required"

Our group in the gallery, Donna Jenkins in the front

Me in front of "I Must Be Patient"

Lee decided I should have my picture taken near this piece of art.  It reminds us of being young when the teacher would reprimand by having a student right a phrase over and over.  This one would suit me because it is one of my worst vices.  I struggle to be patient!

"The Person Who Knows When to Harvest"
 "The Person Without Fears"

"The Ladder Person And The Patience Test"

"Smoking While I Wait"

"Why Do I Want The River When I Can Have The Sea"

Unusual Christmas Tree

Back on the Bus

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  1. LOVE this artist's show!! Thank you so much for sharing it; came to your blog in a roundabout search way, but so glad I did. Shared this on my FB page! I will look into him some more; I love the art he had in that show as well as how the gallery space was presented! Bet it was really cool to attend!