Sunday, May 22, 2016

Blank Park Zoo

Today we went on an outing with our grandson Chris, his wife, Robyn, and their three little ones, Dylan, Riley and Michael.  We had a great time with them all.

Gouldian Finch

Michael loved the fish!




Doublel-wattled Cassowary
Dylan and Riley with Michael in a Dinosaur Egg




It is face-painting time  

Doesn't he look great!!

Riley looks terrific too!

Our wild animals - Riley and Dylan

The kids are inside the Prairie Dog House although they are separated by glass

There is a Prairie Dog

Riley loved the giraffes

Grey crested cranes

Kori Bustard

Chris and Michael at the Zoo

Chris and Michael right before we left the zoo

We had a great time with Chris and Robyn and our great grandkids!!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Family Get Together at Phil and Lori's Home

Our daughter, Lori, and her husband, Phil, had both of their families over today for a gathering.  Luckily, they have an enormous old farm house and lots of room outside for kids and dogs to play.  Otherwise, it would have been pretty cramped with all the relatives

Our daughter, Danica, and our son, Greg

Grandpa playing with our grandson, Liam

Our grandson, Chris - Lori's son

Our grandson, Jordon - Greg's son

Liam - Danica and Chances little one - our youngest grandchild

Our great grandson, Michael, with his Mom, Robin - of Chris and Robyn
Our oldest grandson, Kyle - Lori's oldest

Our daughter, Lori or Laura, and her grandson (our great) Michael

Our great grandchild, Tyson - Holly and Jon's youngest

Lee and Chance (Danica's husband)

Phil and Laura (our hosts for the day)  Thanks so much, you two!
We love this picture of Phil and Lori


Danica and Liam

Our great grand-daughter, Riley - Chis and Robyn's daughter
Our great grandson, Dylan, Chis and Robyn's oldest
Chris and his Mom, Lori

Robyn and Michael
Our great grand-daughter, Kira.  She is Holly and Jon's oldest child

Me with my two lovely daughters, Lori and Danica
Lee with our favorite son, Greg
Our grandson, Kyle with Lee's hat on!
Liam found something fun to ride on

Kyle and Tyson

Chris, Robyn and Michael
Phil cleaning up in the kitchen
Chance and Danica

Lee and Mary (me)

Kyle and Chance

Robyn and Michael

Danica, Chance and Liam
Their other two, Tommy and Addi were with their Dad as it was his weekend.  Darn it!

Greg and Lori

Lori wanted a sombrero from Mexico so we brought this one back with us when we came back from Texas.

Chris taking care of a plant

It was a lovely day with lots of people.  I only posted our side of the family here but we have tons of pictures of Phil's lovely daughters and their families too