Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mary's first Fused Glass Jewelry Class

My friend, Barb Taylor from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, does tons of fused glass projects and they are so pretty so I was really excited to get into the fused glass class today.  It was taught by Pam Jensen and Janis Bell.  Pam is standing over this group giving some instructions.

Pam and Janice

Gail using the glass grinder.

Here I am designing my piece.  I wanted to do something simple so it might turn out.  

My piece that is going into the kiln!
Paula designed a very different piece.
I wondered what this would look like when the glass melted.

Gail and Debbie arranging pieces.
Sandy made a pretty looking piece.

Terri, Peggy and Pam working away.

Peggy putting a dot of glue on the pieces to hold them in place in the kiln.
Here are our pieces going in!
This is the stained glass piece that Jean is working on.
 Here are our completed pieces with cords attached.
Gayle, Debbie and I arrived at the same time to pick our pendants up and so we had our picture taken with them.  

 My first pendant!

I took another class later on and made another one.  Can't wait to try some more next season.

 My second pendant. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

SOITC Valley Luncheon

We went to Harold's Country Kitchen for the SOITC Luncheon yesterday. SOITC is the Suite Owners International Travel Club that we joined shortly after we purchased our mobile suites fifth wheel. Lee was Treasurer of the Club from the inception and stayed on for two terms. Since then we haven't participated much in the club, mainly because we have been off on our adventures and the rallies haven't coincided with our travel plans.

Bablers, Sandy Hynds and Lee

Mary and  John Hynds

Betty Nance, Linda Baecker, Darlene Reece, 
Gary Baecker and Larry Nance

Dan Reece who organized the SOITC Luncheon
Dave Webb, President of SOITC

Dale Fenton
Billie Crawford inviting us to the Rally in Amarillo
 Alicia of Rolling Retreats

We were pleasantly surprised today because everyone's lunch was paid for this year by Alicia of Rolling Retreats (a D RV dealer out of Elk City, Oklahoma). We were also surprised to figure out that we are no longer members of the club since we didn't receive a notice to renew. Things apparently aren't running as smoothly since Lee and Vicki McMaster retired as Treasurer and Secretary. We've heard some horror stories that is for sure and the dedication just doesn't seem to be there. Anyway, we are going to send in a check this week. It was fun to see everyone. We all get so invested in what is going on in our own parks that we don't get out and see each other very often. We are thinking we might stop at the Amarillo get together on the way back to Iowa this year.

Larry Nance Talked About Need For A Treasurer Candidate

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Al's Birthday Bash

Today was Al's 79th Birthday Party and so Miriam had a party for him at their place. I don't know how I managed not to get a decent picture of Al this year but mostly what I got was the back of his head! We will say one thing - Al does not act his age!!

Home-made Ice Cream and other Goodies
Miriam Serving Treats

Donna and Miriam
Lee finishing his goodies
Richard looks pretty full
More of the Iowa Gang
The Guys were Whooping It Up!

If Miriam retires next year then they may not come down next year. We will still get to see them as they won't live too far from our son, Greg, but we will sure miss their company down here in the valley.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Dance at Winter Ranch

The Valentine's Dance started at 7 PM with Jealous Heart as the Band. We had a full house! We always look forward to this dance as the place is full of people and it is always nice to interact with the crowd.  It was hard listening to the band and not dancing!  I hope this knee heals soon!

Carol Jarvis and Jim McCubbins
We had a full house!
Carolyn and Jerry Nieland
Al and Miriam Hight
Marsha and Richard
Our friend, Joyce Brandt, visited Winter Ranch.  Her husband passed away last year and she was back to visit.  She is being hugged by Char Leach.

Char and Jack Leach
Dwayne and Arah Carlson
Delora and Don DeKeyrel
Elinor Kroll, Shirley Snell and Shirley Ress
Josie Ferring and Tom Thinnes
Dale and Kathy Loerch

Our neighbors, Gary and Faye Campbell
Lonnie and Carolyn Sommers
Ron and Edna Odendahl
Bob and Kathy Doddridge
Mary and Lee (That's Us!)
JD and Lynn Murray

Then we turned the KISS CAM on!!
Nora and Charlie Minor
Judy and Bob Babler
John and Martha Anderson
Donna with the Ritchie Brothers
Faye and Gary
Scott and Kathy Maynard
Al and Miriam
Richard and Donna

JD and Lynn
Mary and Lee
Marsha and Richard

We take pictures at every event practically at the park and this dance was no exception. If you'd like to get a better idea of what goes on at Winter Ranch, then go to