Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Dance at Winter Ranch

The Valentine's Dance started at 7 PM with Jealous Heart as the Band. We had a full house! We always look forward to this dance as the place is full of people and it is always nice to interact with the crowd.  It was hard listening to the band and not dancing!  I hope this knee heals soon!

Carol Jarvis and Jim McCubbins
We had a full house!
Carolyn and Jerry Nieland
Al and Miriam Hight
Marsha and Richard
Our friend, Joyce Brandt, visited Winter Ranch.  Her husband passed away last year and she was back to visit.  She is being hugged by Char Leach.

Char and Jack Leach
Dwayne and Arah Carlson
Delora and Don DeKeyrel
Elinor Kroll, Shirley Snell and Shirley Ress
Josie Ferring and Tom Thinnes
Dale and Kathy Loerch

Our neighbors, Gary and Faye Campbell
Lonnie and Carolyn Sommers
Ron and Edna Odendahl
Bob and Kathy Doddridge
Mary and Lee (That's Us!)
JD and Lynn Murray

Then we turned the KISS CAM on!!
Nora and Charlie Minor
Judy and Bob Babler
John and Martha Anderson
Donna with the Ritchie Brothers
Faye and Gary
Scott and Kathy Maynard
Al and Miriam
Richard and Donna

JD and Lynn
Mary and Lee
Marsha and Richard

We take pictures at every event practically at the park and this dance was no exception. If you'd like to get a better idea of what goes on at Winter Ranch, then go to

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