Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Great Chase (The Golden Olympics)

Linda and Bob Campbell and Lee and I were a team on the Great Chase, a part of the Golden Olympics here in the Rio Grand Valley. The Great Chase is like a scavenger hunt looking at clues that lead to some building or place in McAllen, Texas. We had a really good time and were a pretty good team. One of the things you had to do on the chase was to have your picture taken at each site. They were looking for creative and I think we did a pretty good job of that. We managed to win a Bronze Medal. Next year we'll try for the Gold!

 We found the Sacred Heart Church in McAllen 
and so we said a prayer.

Another site this year was Quinta Mazatlan which is a birding center so we decided to be chacalacas. We probably look more like chickens!

Here Linda is demonstrating that she can do CPR.  You get extra points for completing tasks along the way.

We were at a swimming pool so thus the pose.

This time we found a historic railroad station and so we did the Locomotion.

We are at another birding center so we used our binoculars!

We did the sign of the cross at this Catholic Church, however, we lined up wrong for the picture so it is kind of hard to tell!

A soccer kick at this athletic field.

We located the Miller House in McAllen.  Mr. Miller donated a lot of money for the McAllen Airport so we decided to be planes!

We finished all the tasks and found all the sites so we did the Yeah pose!

We just received our bronze medals for the Great Chase.  Not bad for our first attempt.  Next year we'll try for the Gold!