Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Taking Jayden Home

We stopped in Custer for some breakfast before heading home.

A railroad track on one level and highway above


Monday, June 13, 2016

Bear Country USA

Well, I'm glad we went to Devil's Tower yesterday. Last night after we returned home I rammed my little toe into a chair leg and had to bandage my toes together. So today, Lee could push me around Bear Country.

When I asked Jayden what he liked best on the trip, he said it was Bear Country. I think it was because they had so many baby animals and they were so fun to watch.




Reindeer and babies

Arctic White Wolf

Dahl Sheep

Big Horn Sheep

Mountain Goat

Black Bears

Mountain Lion

This is also a black bear but he is 
prettier - blondes have more fun!

Prong Horn Antelope

Mule Deer

Black Bear on Patrol -I don't think he 
wants him to get to the parking lot



Baby Red Fox (they change color later)

We had fun watching them prance around - they
 were just let out for the public to see

Lee pushing me around




Lee and Jayden ordering lunch

We all had Nacho Grandes

Baby Black Bears - they had a ton 
of them playing in Baby Land


Red fox

Arctic Fox

Jayden in the Gift Shop posing with the bears

How about a Kiss goodbye to Bear Country!

As we left Bear Country, it started to rain. We decided to drive into Rapid City to do some shopping. The rain got so bad and we went back to the RV in Custer. We found out later that tornado warnings were issued in Rapid City while we were there!