Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sertoma Marine Cove and Butterfly House

As our last stop for the day, we stopped at Sertoma Park and visited the Butterfly House and the Marine Cove. There were some sharks and sting rays to touch and a lot of small aquarims in the Marine Cove. The Butterfly House was full of gorgeous butterflies and I think Lee tried to get a picture of all of them! lol

Sharks to pet - Jayden Did!

Sting Rays

An Albino tiger shark

Sea Horses

Now into the butterfly house

Feeding Time

This is an Australian Bird that they brought in to eat ants because they kept having infestations of them. The lady says they do their job!

Don't know how he sneaked in here

Jayden inside the Butterfly House

He landed on Lee's camera bag

Stained Glass Butterfly Outside the House

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