Thursday, June 9, 2016

Wall Drug

Of course, once you watch all the signs go by along the roads all the way from Iowa, you must stop at Wall Drug. We thought Jayden would enjoy it and he seemed to. The first thing we did, of course, is to get our Free Water. We didn't spend much in here except for some pie and home-made ice cream before we left but it was a fun stop.

Jayden with his free water

He tried on a $75 hat!

Which one is the old codger?

Jayden managed to get a picture of some "real" art before we showed 
him the signs that said "No pictures".

New Area Since We Were Last Here called "The Back Yard"

Jayden riding the Jackalope

Now he's petting a bison

And riding a bucking bronco

Trying not to be eaten by the dinosaur

Having cherry pie and home-made ice cream

We didn't see any of these on our trip and we used to see them everywhere!

And now he is leading the wagon train!

And he picked up a girlfriend!

Jayden was a busy boy and had a lot of fun!

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