Saturday, November 12, 2016

National Butterfly Center

It was cool and damp today so we thought it might be a great day to see what we could find at the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas.  The Monarchs were everywhere today filling bushes everywhere.

Brushfoot - Monarch: Queen

 Another Look at the Monarch Queen which is found  mainly in Hidalgo County, Texas

Brushfoots - True Brushfoots:  Peacocks 

 Brushfoots - True Brushfoots:  Peacocks

Skippers - Grass-Skippers:  Hesperia

Brushfoots - Emperors:  Tawny Emperor

Brushfoots - Admirals and Relatives:  Bluewings 

We were hoping to see an Armadillo but we just saw the sign!

Great Tailed Grackle 

  Green Jay

 African Spurred Tortoise - he is a captive, I'm afraid!

 Monarchs were everywhere today!

                                                                     Yellows:  Dogface

Brushfoots - True Brushfoots:  Patches

Altimira Oriole

 Some kind of large toad