Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kava House Cafe - Swisher, Iowa

Kava House Cafe
We have been visiting with family and friends since we got to Iowa on April 26th and so we haven't put much on this blog because we keep this one strictly for travel and the interesting places we find.  However, our friends (the Cuhels, Taylors and Schaubs) all met at The Kava House Cafe in Swisher, Iowa for dinner today.  We think it is a jewel of a restaurant and deserves to be blogged.  If you ever get around Swisher, you should try the place.  We highly recommend it.

They have wonderful sandwiches and home-made desserts.  They also have a nice little gift shop.

Inside the Cafe

Lee heading into the room for larger groups

Jerry looking out the door in the nice atmosphere for dining

Carol and Jerry Schaub

Larry and Barb Taylor

Us, Lee and Mary Benfield

Carol and Ken Cuhel
We all had a great time at the Kava House Cafe and then we went over to Ken and Carol Cuhel's for dessert and more conversation.  It is sooooo good to get together with good  friends especially since we don't see them nearly often enough!

Back of the restaurant

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Butterfly Conservatory at Reiman Gardens

Our last stop at Reiman Gardens was the Butterfly Conservatory.  Lee and I spent more time in the Conservatory than the kids did but Lee got a lot of good shots of them.  When we came out Danica was reading a book to the kids waiting for us.  

Reiman Gardens

Danica and I have both been wanting to visit Reiman Gardens in Ames but we haven't made it until today.  It was a really nice day which made it quite pleasant.  The Gardens had a Lego Exhibit and that made it more interesting for the kiddos (that's all of us in this case!).

Lego Rose

Danica and Tommy and Addi

Lego Koi

Hummingbird Lego Sculpture

Tommy went around the park singing "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Work We Go".  It was sooo cute!

Lego Mower

It might be a bit too sunny for them! lol

Lego Bison

Lego Bee