Monday, February 19, 2018

The Old Pump House in Hidalgo

When we decided to leave Estero Llano State Park, we headed over to The Old Pump House in Hidalgo. They say the birding is excellent there. Of course, the wind kept picking up and the only thing we saw were a couple of doves and lots of kiskadees. They must adapt to the winds better.

We did take some pictures around the park though and of the border wall in this area. We've been to the Old Pump House several times so we didn't take a tour today.

The Old Pump House

This is not a section of the Rio Grande River but an area which was dug out to get water back to the pump house after a hurricane diverted the river away from the pump house.

There is a couple sprawled out on the grass enjoying the day below.

Lee taking pictures

Here are some pictures of the Border Wall around the Old Pump House

I can't imagine anyone getting through the bars without removing an appendege

Here the wall gets shorter because the ground beneath this area falls away drastically. Might need a 40' ladder to get over!

In the middle is a gate which is controlled by the Border Guards. We saw at least three Border Patrol vehicles along the path from the Old Pump House as we walked the trail.

We walked down this road quite awhile until we decided we wanted to get back to the car before it got dark.

One the the homes along the way. This one is pretty nice but there were a lot of awful looking ones at the beginning of the walk.

Kiskadees apparently can hang on even in high winds. They were everywhere out here.

A Mourning Dove

Pavillion on the Old Pump House Grounds. We were on our way back.

Lots of nice landscaping around the Old Pump House

View of the Amphitheater

Amphitheater outside of the Pump House