Friday, June 10, 2016

Mount Rushmore

Today we did our Driver's License Renewals.  It wasn't quite as easy as we hoped.  There was quite a line and we waited for over an hour.  Then we were up but they wouldn't let us renew our licenses without something that was mailed to us at our South Dakota address.  

So, we left and went to America's Mailbox.  Luckily, we had some mail there.  So we had what we needed.  However, by then we were all starved.  We stopped at Millstone Restaurant and had lunch. Jayden was just really thrilled to know that we had to go back to Mount Rushmore but I'm sure he wasn't any more thrilled than we were.  We had to sit in line again and this time for about 1 1/2 hours. When we finally got to the front of the line, it went really fast and we were out of there.

Our next stop today was Mount Rushmore.  
Avenue of the Flags

In the Museum

Jayden blowing off rock from the monument

Looking at the monument from the restaurant

Lee having some water in the restaurant - it was warm outside!

Jayden - as close as one can get

Then we started walking back to the viewing area for Mount Rushmore

Cute little critter

The Iowa Flag

Our next stop was a drive down the Wild Life Loop at Custer State Park.

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