Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mary's first Fused Glass Jewelry Class

My friend, Barb Taylor from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, does tons of fused glass projects and they are so pretty so I was really excited to get into the fused glass class today.  It was taught by Pam Jensen and Janis Bell.  Pam is standing over this group giving some instructions.

Pam and Janice

Gail using the glass grinder.

Here I am designing my piece.  I wanted to do something simple so it might turn out.  

My piece that is going into the kiln!
Paula designed a very different piece.
I wondered what this would look like when the glass melted.

Gail and Debbie arranging pieces.
Sandy made a pretty looking piece.

Terri, Peggy and Pam working away.

Peggy putting a dot of glue on the pieces to hold them in place in the kiln.
Here are our pieces going in!
This is the stained glass piece that Jean is working on.
 Here are our completed pieces with cords attached.
Gayle, Debbie and I arrived at the same time to pick our pendants up and so we had our picture taken with them.  

 My first pendant!

I took another class later on and made another one.  Can't wait to try some more next season.

 My second pendant. 

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