Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Alamo Independence Day Parade

The day started pretty early for those involved in the Alamo Parade today.  There have been lots of activities going on for days in preparation.  There was a class on painting clown faces at the DeKeyrel's and then the floats and the golf carts were decorated and the biking groups spent a lot of time making their bikes into these darling elephants!.  This morning final touches were made to the golf carts, some at the park and some in HEB's parking lot.  Then all the parade people had to get themselves ready which when you are dressed like a clown it takes a little time.  

I volunteered to help Shirley with her makeup so I arrived at her house at 8:15 AM to do her face.  It was my first time doing a clown face but I think I'd rather put the face on someone else than the other way around!  If I do say so myself, I think Shirley looked pretty good when I was done!

If I do say so myself, I think Shirley looked pretty good when I was done!

Our Neighbor, Jo, waiting for her ride!

Then all the Winter Ranch parade participants gathered at the front gate waiting for a parade escort to HEB where the parade will start.
Larry and Carltion
Larry was having trouble with his flamingo deflating! 

Darlene and Marcy
Delora and Larry
Don, The Ring Master and the Winter Ranch Parade Coordinator

We arrived safe and sound at HEB and the final touches were added to the golf carts and floats!

Penny, Darlene, Bob and Nicole
Our Winter Ranch Bikers/Elephants!!
Gypsy Woman - Sandy
Pearl and Shirley
Jim and Donna 
Our Manager, Larry

You can't have a good parade without a good audience and our Winter Ranchers could be found all along the parade route.  After taking pictures at HEB, we left before the parade started and camped out in front of the Reviewing Stand at Alamo Square so we could get pictures of the actual parade.  We took some pictures of folks we recognized along the parade route! 
Me, Miriam, Al, Ralph and Don
Right to Left:  Julie, Cheryl, Julie and Merlin 

Standing:  Ron  Left to Right:  Linda, Nila, Paul and Jan and Cathy
The Parade Marshals
Horse from the Circus that is in Town
The Shriners are in the parade
Schools participated

Here we Come with Penny and Judy leading the way!

Dale was named the Winter Texan of the Year 
by the Alamo Chamber
Lois riding her elephant

Jo is sweeping up after the elephants, I guess!
Donna is driving Martha who has the whip on her husband, 
John, the Lion in the next cart!
Delora and Don
Marcy and Carltion
The Winter Ranch Float
Rex and Betty bringing up the rear
Our neighbor park, Trophy Gardens, is in the parade this year!

After the parade ended, the Chamber awarded 
the prizes for the competitors
Winter Ranch won 1st Place in the Senior Division 
and 1st Place for Overall Theme.  Our Parade Coordinators 
Don and Delora and our Park Managers, 
Larry and Cathy accepted the prize!

After the parade many of the parade participants had dinner at the El Dorado which is close to the reviewing stand.  They really gave us terrific service and the food was great!

Larry thanking everyone for their participation

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