Monday, March 17, 2014

Trophy Gardens and Winter Ranch St. Patrick's Day Festivities

It's St. Patrick's day so I hope you all wore your green - you wouldn't want to get pinched!  Trophy Gardens and Winter Ranch have put their parades together the last few years and that was the name of the game today.  We at Winter Ranch met at the DeKeyrel's home to get arranged and ready to go over to Trophy.
 Don and the Coordinator of the Parade at Trophy
Don and Delora, the Coordinators of the 
Winter Ranch Portion of the Parade
  Pat Cullet - she dressed up her elephant for St. Paddie's Day!
  Chuck and Pat  
 Lee and Mary (That's us!)
  Kathy, Karen, Pat and Me

 Bob and Kathy
 Martha and John
  Harrell and Karen
Delora and Don
 Chuck and Pat will get a workout on those bikes today!  

 Donna and Rich

We've arrived at Trophy Gardens and lined up - this is just the golf carts.  We are three blocks long.  We also had classic cars, a fire truck, and the Shriners!  They were lined up on other blocks!  I think this is the largest parade the two parks have had thus far!  

 Registering for the Golf Cart Decoration Awards.

 Some of the classic cars
 The front of Trophy Gardens Main Building 
and some parade onlookers
 And we are off!

 Love the Doggie Tie!

 Winter Ranchers Watching the Parade!

 The Shriners

 Winter Ranchers parking to watch the 
entertainment at Trophy Gardens
 Nice classic car!

Mariachi - one of the groups who entertained this evening.  We left when they had their corned beef and cabbage dinner and went back to the ranch.  There was much more going on at Trophy though!

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