Saturday, March 15, 2014

Golf Cart Pad - Site Preparation (JD Pays His Debt)

Lee started working on our golf cart pad today. JD, our Activity Director, ended up helping him because he made us a bet and lost. He bet us that we couldn't get 100 people from Winter Ranch to buy advance tickets to a new band we talked him into signing on called The Agency. They are a great rock and roll band and have a lot of followers and we think they are the best band in the valley. We finally talked him into signing them on but he still didn't think we could get a full house.

So the bet was that we'd buy him a case of beer if we didn't get 100 people signed up and he would help Lee put in the golf cart pad if we did! Well, we got more than 125 people from the park and almost a full house at the dance! He tells me he is not betting me again!

JD and Lee are doing the site prep for the new golf car pad.  This was really the most work - hauling all the dirt.  Just look at the look JD is giving me as I take this picture!!! lol

 Lee is smoothing out the area getting ready to lay block.

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