Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mary Leaves Legends

I was definitely right that checking into Legends was the right thing to do.  I had a very nice room which was very roomy and a big bathroom all to myself.  I loved the bed too because it was much easier to get my knee situated and happy.  The Physical Therapy people were very nice and were very tuned into Dr. Basset's protocol for working with his patients.  They did an excellent job and I felt like I was doing great.  My knee was able to bend to past the 120 degrees required and they had started working on steps with me.  

The worst part of Legends was the food.  I can't even compare it to lunch cafeteria food.  It was really REALLY bad.  There was sure plenty of it though.  The main problem was that whoever was the cook liked to spice everything up and not just Mexican spices.  When they used Basil everything on the plate tasted like basil.  The same went for Oregano and Thyme.  It was basically inedible.  Most days the only meal I ate was breakfast and I ordered cereal!  Lee was such a Savior throughout.  I'd say "Taste This".  Then he would and he'd say "Well, what do you want today."  He brought food in twice a day!  

I was feeling really spunky and decided that I would check out early just to get back home.  I should have stayed as I was getting along great.  I got home and started doing too much and had major problems with my knee swelling all the time.  I received Physical Therapy at home but it wasn't the same and they never did get around to doing stairs because the ones in the fifth wheel are too tall for starting out and the ones outside aren't stable enough.  So as of writing this, I'm still working on it!

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