Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mary checked into Legend Transitional Care Center

It took several days to get me (Mary) into the Care Center but we finally got it done today. I have been doing the exercises that I was shown in the hospital but the physical therapy that the Social Worker had supposedly set up for me when I arrived home also proved to be fiction. We ended up calling and yesterday I actually was able to get my first physical therapy session with Home Health Care named Paz. My therapist's name was Mannie and I liked her a lot but I told her that I had been accepted into Legends and wouldn't need her until I checked out of Legends. She was okay with that and said she totally understood because there just isn't enough room to work on rehabilitation in a fifth wheel.

At Legends I had my own room that was very spacious and a huge bathroom. Of course, it was hard to get sleep in the place because the different shifts coming on and off all sounded like they were having a party. Then too, I was awakened several times each night for a checkup or medicine.

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