Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Meeting Our Newest Great Grandchild - Michael

Today was a special day.  We drove over to Vinton to have dinner with my grandson, Chris, and his wife Robyn and the kids.  We were formally introduced to our newest great grand-child, Michael Scott Swallom.  He was born on on April 6, 2014 after we left Iowa last year.  He is the picture of his Daddy when he was his age. 

Great Grandma and Michael

Tyson (Holly's youngest)

Great Grandpa with Kira, Chris and Michael

Kira (Holly's oldest)

Our grandson, Chris

Michael enjoying his dinner

Riley and Kira

Our grand-daughter, Holly

Tyson enjoying dinner

Tyson and Holly
Dylan, Robyn, Chris, Michael and Riley

Holly, Tyson and Kira

Great Grandpa and Grandma with the Great Grandkids

                          Great Grandma got him to sleep!

Robyn and Riley

Great Grandpa and Michael

Ms. Kira

Mommy and Michael


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