Saturday, June 27, 2015

Freedom Bop at Newbo Market

Today was the Freedom Bop at the Newbo Market in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  We drove over to Paul and Pat's house and they drove over to the market.   Two of the bands that were really popular in the area when I was a teenager were on stage:  The Legends and The Do's and the Don'ts. 

Paul and Pat are enjoying some food they purchased inside the Newbo Market.

The Legends 

The Legends played first and they sounded pretty good.  I really didn't know about them when I was a kid or I can't remember them anyway.

Paul and Lee walked over to Parlor City and brought us back dinner:  Tenderloins and fries. Lee and I shared one order which was plenty.   It wasn't the best tenderloin I've ever had but we were hungry so we ate it. 

The crowd started getting a lot bigger before the Do's and Don'ts went on stage.

 This is how I remember them!

The Do's and The Don'ts were inducted into the Iowa Rock N Roll Music Association's Hall of Fame in 1997. When the original group, which included Dick and Zelda Sherman (bass guitar and keyboard respectively), Roger Booth (drums and lead vocals), and Dick Burns (lead guitar), started in 1959 nobody knew that they would make Iowa rock music history.  They were one of the first professional bands in Iowa to play Rock N Roll music. They were also the first one in the state to feature a female keyboard player in what was mostly an all-male music business. Zelda joined in 1962.

I tried to get a picture of them, but it didn't turn out so I had to go to their website to get this one.

It was fun listening to the music from the 60's.  We can relate to it!  My brother, Paul, and I helped them sing a few of the tunes! lol
There were a couple of balloons flying overhead.

Lee and me.  I wore a top that would have fit right in during the 1960's.  We bought it when we were staying in New York.  We found this crazy store that sold all kinds of 60's garb.

Pat is getting ready to head home.

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