Saturday, June 6, 2015

Addi's Cheer Recital

Addi's Cheer Recital is today so we got up early and headed back to West Des Moines.  

Here is Ms. Addi at the Cheer Recital

You could tell that Addi knew her routine really well.  She didn't miss a step until she looked down and saw the family.  Luckily it was at the very end of the performance because she just stopped and stared at them and missed a beat!  Then she bowed with the rest of the performers and left the stage.  It was a short but sweet first recital!

Addi's Performance

Her parents gave her a pretty bouquet

When we first arrived in West Des Moines last time, Addi asked if I could get her a bow to go with her Cheer outfit.  It took me awhile to find one in green and white but I finally did.  Actually I put two bows together to get this effect.

Tommy always has to find the highest thing to climb on!

Our little sweetheart!

Pretty Flowers

Daddy and Liam getting lovey-dovy

After the recital we all drove over to Panda Express for lunch. Then it was goodbye again as we are heading over to Burlington, Iowa to visit with my brothers and their wives.  It will be great to see them and have all of us together again.

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