Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Franklin Delanor Roosevelt Home - Springwood

After we left the Presidential Library, we walked one-quarter of a mile following our Guide to the house.  Those that weren't able to walk that far could take a tram. 

Front of Springwood - FDR's Boyhood Home

Our Guide took us right to the front door and we went in that way.  Of course, first he gave us a few rules to follow.  We were allowed to take pictures inside as long as we didn't use our flash.

The Snuggery

Sarah Delano Roosevelt (FDR's Mother) called this her Snuggery.  It was where she had her breakfast and gave orders for the day to the servants. This room has a very early RCA television set behind the pink chair.  It was given to the President in 1939 and he didn't really believe that television would catch on.

The Snuggery

The Living Room

The Dining Room
The chair turned slightly was FDR's chair.  It was positioned so he could get into it from his wheel chair.

The Elevator

This owl is a part of FDR's bird collection that he started as a boy.  He not only shot the birds, but he also learned to do the taxidermy.  He did that until he became allergic to some of the materials that were used.  Then he had to send the taxidermy out.

The Servant's Wing

We are on the second floor now.  The third floor had a fire some years ago and visitors are no longer allowed in that area. 

FDR's Boyhood Bedroom
FDR used this bedroom until he was married in 1905.

The Pink Room - a Guest Room

One of the 9 bathrooms in the home

Chintz Room

The Birth Room
FDR was born in this room on January 30, 1882.  
He weighed 10 pounds!

This is FDR's Bedroom

One of the drawings on the wall of his bedroom

FDR's Robe lying near the bed

The President and Mrs. Roosevelt's closet

Eleanor Roosevelt's Bedroom that adjoined FDR's

Sarah's Bedroom - much larger than Eleanor's

We are on the second floor near the Chinz Room

After we finished exploring the second floor, our guided tour was over.  We went down a new stairway out the back of the house when the tour ended.  Then we were free to roam the grounds or wander over to the Presidential Library.  We first walked over to see the Stables.

The Stables

The Coach House going through some renovation
The Rose Garden

President and Mrs. Roosevelt are both buried in the Rose Garden.  It is a very understated grave for such a prominent figure and one of our favorite Presidents!

The graves are actually in front of the monument.  The President's has the single USA Flag and Eleanor's has the smaller three flags.  There is some type of ground cover on the graves.

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  1. We were just their this past Sunday in snow showers and biting cold. After looking at your pictures, I wish we could have gone when things were greener! Thanks for sharing your pictures. I just fell in love with the whole house.