Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Henry A Wallace Visitor Center

We have today and tomorrow off so we are out exploring again.  Today we're visiting Franklin Delanor Roosevelt's home and Presidential Library.  The first stop, of course, is the Henry A. Wallace Visitor and Education Center in Hyde Park, New York.  The home and the library are both of the same property as the Visitor Center.

One of the nice things about being a senior is the Senior Access Pass.  We used it again here as this is a National Park Service site so we got into both the home and the library for $6 each instead of $18 each.  

This map is actually a mosaic tile pattern on the floor.  It looks like it is three dimensional but it is actually flat.  It shows how the Franklin Roosevelt original 1600 acres was laid out.  

There were many interesting exhibit panels in the Visitor Center.  We walked around and looked at all the exhibits in the Visitor Center and watched a  movie about FDR before we met up with our guide who took us to see the home.

There is a nice little cafe/snack bar in the Visitor Center and after we visited the home and gardens, we stopped here and had lunch.  It was really quite good.

We thought this was a particularly nice 
sculpture of the President and Mrs. Roosevelt.

Another couple of looks at the Visitor Center.

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