Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Rockefeller Estate - The Coach House

The last stop on the Grand Tour of Kykuit was the Coach House.  The upper level is a museum and the lower level is used for meetings and conferences.

 The Coach House (formerly the Stables) - Upper Level

Stairs to Somewhere

 Love the Chandeliers in the Stables!

 1949 Crosley Hot Shot and a 1966 Datsun 1600
 1918 Crane Simplex Tourer
 1959 Chrylser GHIA Limo used by Governor Nelson

 1956 Lincoln Continental Coupe owned by David Rockefeller

 1924 Auto Red Bug Buckboard used by 
the Rockefeller brothers in their youth
The upper level of the Coach House where 
we met the bus to head back to the Visitor Center

What a fabulous tour.  We would recommend the Grand Tour to anyone that is able to go up and down a lot of stairs.  It is the tour that lets you see everything.  

 The Play House and 9 Hole Golf Course on the Kykuit Estate

As we were leaving the estate, we drove past Rockefeller Play House.  Obviously, we did not take this picture since this was taken in the Autumn.  We didn't have time to get the camera to focus so I borrowed this one from another blogger.  The Play House is a rambling French Norman two-story structure completed by Junior in 1927.  The building is three times the size of the Kykuit mansion. It stands alongside the nine-hole, reversible golf course, and an outdoor swimming pool and two tennis courts.  It contains an array of sporting facilities, including an indoor swimming pool and tennis court, fully equipped gym for basketball, a squash court, a billiard room and a full-size bowling alley. It also has dining and living rooms, and a huge reception hall.  Maybe someday they will open it to the public!!

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