Wednesday, June 11, 2014

West Point Museum

After our tour of West Point, we went back to Highland Falls on the bus.  Then we decided to tour the West Point Museum.

Lee standing by the Directory for the Museum.

West Point Uniforms for various activities and 
for various decades were displayed

We found these pictures to be very interesting.  In the picture above the top picture is of Robert E. Lee when he was at the Academy.  The bottom picture under Robert E. Lee is Ulysses S. Grant when he was at the Academy.

The above picture is of Robert E. Lee when he was the Superintendent of West Point.  We had never seen a picture of either man when they were this young.  Did you know that Robert E. Lee was the only cadet in the history of West Point that never received a demerit?  Thought that was an interesting tidbit.

This is the uniform for a cadet in the Band in the year 1825.
This is a cadet football sweater that was worn in the year 1904.

This is also the youngest picture we've ever seen of Dwight D. Eisenhower except at his Library.  He earned this sweater by playing football at the Academy.  President Eisenhower was a graduate of the 1915 class.

Loved these posters of Annapolis and West Point.

1st Lt. Laura Waller - first woman cadet 
killed in action in Afghanistan

1st woman 1st Captain - Kristin Baker

Lee leaving one of the Museum Galleries

Theodolite - surveying instrument

President Obama congratulating a woman cadet on her graduation

This exhibit was about the history of military music

After we finished at the Museum, we decided to get something to eat before our stomachs revolted.  It was a LATE lunch!  We checked out the Chinese Restaurant down the block but decided the prices were too steep for Chinese so we visited the Park Restaurant.

I couldn't decide what I wanted because there was a huge selection on their menu but the two things that appealed to me most were the chicken and barley soup and an appetizer they had on special, potato pancakes.  I told the waitress I was going to be different and she said several people today had ordered the same thing so I'm not so different after all.  

Chicken Barley Soup

Potato Pancakes after I had a couple of bites.  

The food was excellent and I haven't had potato pancakes that were that good at any other restaurant.  My Mom used to make them and they were delicious.  It was just hard to get her to make them.  LOL

Lee played it safe with a burger and fries.
We thought this was pretty funny.  The Navy Federal Credit Union is right across the street from the West Point Visitor Center and Museum.

We took a few pictures of the scenery on the way home from West Point.  Above is a view of the Hudson River.

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