Monday, June 2, 2014

Our Home For This Summer Season - Interlake RV Park

We arrived at Interlake RV Park one day ahead of schedule.  We took a few pictures of the campground.  It is really nice and we think we will enjoy being here.

The office where we will be working is on the side next to the little red shed where the fire wood and other things are stored.  This used to be an Inn and we need to get a picture of the front of it because it looks really nice from the road.  They rent out one studio apartment and one larger apartment.  Then there are two apartments where some artists from the Omega Institute stay. 

This is where we are parked for the season.  We had one devil of a time getting into it because as you can see it is on grass.  Our truck just does not work on grass.  Plus, we had to literally turn the whole rig around to get it in using the grass across the street from us.  The truck started digging its normal trenches in the ground.  Luckily, one of the other workers here at the park brought his dually and we hooked our fifth wheel to his truck and he was able to get us in safe and sound.  It would be nice if our truck had four wheel drive.  We sure miss it in situations like this.

Our site from the road
The Rec Hall and Snack Shack
Playground Equipment

The heated Swimming Pool - looks fantastic so we hope it gets warm enough to use one of these days!

The fenced in Kiddie Pool

The park is on several levels as you can see from this picture.  Notice the rig at the top of the hill.

Chipper's Snack Shack

Rec Hall
Inside the Snack Shack

Plantings along the drive

The small Catch and Release Pond

Boats can be rented at the office.

The larger lake behind the small pond - 
lots of lily pads growing in the entrance

You can see where the boats were stored previously

The office and store
More store and entry to the office and store
The owner, Sue Dumais, and me on my first day in the office.

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