Monday, June 16, 2014

Eveready Diner

We worked this morning but then thought we would do a bit of sightseeing this afternoon.  Our first stop though was lunch.  We decided to try this cute looking diner in Hyde Park - Eveready Diner.  It is amazing how many diners like these are in this part of New York.  We see them everywhere.  This diner had quite a menu and a full bakery.  Being from Iowa, the prices weren't diner prices either but the food was excellent.

The Eveready Diner

 Not sure who he is supposed to be!

This is just some of the bakery items that are offered.  The pies looked extremely good!

The place is just enormous inside.  We're not sure of the capacity but the parking lot is also huge!

We both had an omelet for lunch but about anything you can think of was offered!

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