Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Rockefeller Estate - The Gardens

Okay, we are in the gardens now and I am just crazy about gardens so that is why there are 74; yes - 74 pictures of the gardens at Kykuit!  I'm only putting descriptions on a few that need some identification.  Otherwise,  just stroll the garden with us.  It will be much simpler for you because there are countless steps throughout all the various terraces in these gardens.  There were a couple of women that looked to be a lot younger than we were who kept sitting on whatever they could find to sit on and not even taking the stairs to the various terraces.  They made us feel good about ourselves!

This handsome fellow is my husband, Lee!

The cave was real but they brought in stalactites to enhance the beauty of this cave and also another cave that we'll see later.

 The Rhododendrons are in bloom.  Love it!

That's us!
 Our guide, who was wonderful, took this picture of us!

Closeup of an Japanese Dogwood (above and below) that blooms much longer and is more hardy than the dogwoods that are natural to the United States.

Inside The Grotto

 Ceiling sculptures in the Grotto

 Our Guide pointing out that this sculpture has moving parts!

 I loved this little picnic area and the table and chairs!

 Part of the golf course attached to the estate.  Friends and family still golf on the estate.

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