Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Athens-Hudson Lighthouse

When the Erie Canal opened in 1825 and commercial river traffic increased, a series of 14 lighthouses were built on the Hudson.  These lighthouses guided mariners safely down the river.  There are now seven remaining lighthouses that are in existence because of the preservation groups that have worked long and hard to preserve them.

Today we decided we'd take a little tour and see as many of them as we could see.  

Athens-Hudson Lighthouse

We started out at the Athens-Hudson Lighthouse which is sometimes called the Hudson Lighthouse since it is closer to that side of the river.  It was built in 1874.  We saw the lighthouse from the road , State Highway 85, as we were coming into Athens and took a picture.

We drove farther into town and found the Riverfront Park in the Village of Athens.  It is quite a pretty little park. 

I'm walking down the sidewalk to the river.

Night boardwalk next to the river.

The Hudson River
The Hudson-Athens Lighthouse

There was a very nice view of the lighthouse from the park.

The Athens-Hudson Lighthouse

The Marina
The Gazebo across the waterway is part of The Stewart House Hotel.  They must serve meals there in nice weather.  It is certainly a nice setting.

The Stewart House

Then we are out in search of the next lighthouse on our list - The Saugerties Ligthouse.

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