Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Lady of Knock Shrine

After lunch we were back on the road again in Greene County, New York.  Our next stop was the Our Lady of Knock Shrine in East Durham, New York.

Our Lady of Knock Shrine

Our Lady of Knock Shrine opened in 1989.  It honors an apparition of the Virgin Mary that occurred on August 21, 1979 in Knock, County Mayo, Ireland.

I (Mary) was raised Catholic but I had never heard of this apparition before.  I took this explanation from a Perpetual Novena Card that we bought at the Shrine for 25 cents.

". . . The Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist appeared at the south gable of the church at Knock, County Mayo, Ireland; beside them and a little to the right was an altar with a cross and the figure of a lamb, around which angels hovered.  There were 15 official witnesses to the apparition - young and old.  They watched it for two hours in pouring rain and recited the rosary.  Two commissions of Inquiry accepted their testimony as trust worthy and satisfactory in 1879 and 1936."

I always light a candle for my Mother 
at every Catholic Church we visit in our travels. 

The Stations of the Cross are all done in stained glass. 

All the stained windows
are from Donegal, Ireland. 

Eleventh Century Irish Litany of Mary
Great Mary,
Greatest of Marys,
Greatest of Women,
Mother of Eternal Glory,
Mother of the Golden Light,
Honor of the Sky,
Temple of the Divinity,
Fountain of the Gardens,
Serence as the Moon,
Bright as the Sun,
Garden Enclosed,
Temple of the Living God,
Light of Nazareth,
Beauty of the World,
Queen of Life,
Ladder of Heaven,
Mother of God.
Pray for us. 

The front doors of the church

According to the pamphlet I was reading "Today Knock ranks among the world's major Marion Shrines having enjoyed the full approval of the church for many years.  It has received privileges from four popes.  The most recent privilege was the visit of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, on the 30th September 1979."

Below is a link to the Knock Shine in Ireland.

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