Sunday, June 29, 2014

Standfordville United Church of Christ

Tried another UCC Church today in Stanfordville, NY.  When we entered the church it had quite an odor - probably mold or mildew from somewhere.  It drove me crazy all during church and then I went home with an enormous headache.  We probably won't be coming back to this church because of my allergies.

The sermon was about hospitality and how Jesus would treat strangers no matter who they were. The minister gave a great sermon about nomads and taking care to greet guests but her actions weren't as good. She greeted us by herself but did nothing to introduce us to the rest of the congregation and, as they say, "talk is cheap!" A few of the parishioners came up and talked to us but it won't go up as the friendliest church we've ever visited - well, not even close. So, we really have another reason to try another church next week. We really enjoyed last week's congregation but it is too far to drive every Sunday. It is really important for churches that want to grow to really let their guests know they are welcome!!

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