Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Log Cabin Cafe

Sometimes you find the neatest places just by chance.  When we left the Mahayana Buddist Temple in Cairo, New York, we decided it was about time for some lunch - actually, past time!  We spent a lot more time at the temple than we thought we would.  

We saw this little place called the Log Cabin Cafe in the town of Purling.  We stopped in and found it an interesting place. We talked to one of the owners for quite awhile.  She and her husband have been in business for four years now and doing well.  They use their own family recipes and some people drive for miles for some of their breakfast items and even call ahead.  Do be aware though that they don't take credit cards or checks (unless they are local) so don't get too carried away or you'll be doing dishes!

When I saw the above sign by the front door, I knew it was the place for us!

 Lee checking out the menu

The specials for the day sounded awesome and it was hard to choose.  We finally decided that we would share a dish from the breakfast menu, Blueberry Casserole, and a Strawberry Salad With Greens and Mozzarella Cheese.  Both were delicious.  Unfortunately, the Blueberry Casserole picture is blurry so you'll just have to imagine it.  It was really good, however, I like the recipe I have better! lol

Then they kept bragging about their cannoli so we had to try it.  It wasn't soggy like other cannolis we've had but neither of us are big Canoli fans!

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