Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, NY

We got up early today to visit the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park. The temp was supposed to get to 96 degrees and the house is not air conditioned so we got there for the first tour and the house was still cool. This mansion of the Vanderbilt's was much less majestic than some of the others they owned. The Vanderbilts had 42 mansions in various areas of the United States. We visited the Biltmore in Ashville, NC and it is much more opulent. We've also seen their mansions in Newport, Rhode Island and they are just stupendous. This mansion was only used for a few months a year because it was too cold for the winter months and too warm in the summer. However, it was near New York City and that was its advantage.

Visitor Center For The Mansion - The Tours Start Here

This lovely mansion was built for the single gentlemen who visited the Vanderbilts. They had their own place so they didn't disturb other guests.

This is our guide for the tour. She was very 
knowledgeable and a bit of a card.

This is a side view of the mansion as we 
approached it from the Visitor Center

According to Wikipedia this mansion was "Designed and built between 1896–1899, the house is a good example of the Beaux-Arts architecture style and one of the architects' finest residential projects. The interior of the mansion is an archetype of the American Renaissance, incorporating a range of European antiques and finely crafted period reproductions."  

View of the Hudson River from the Mansion.  

Our guide said when the Vanderbilts lived here, there was no brush or trees to look through.  Then you could see for five miles up and down the river.

We are standing in front of the mansion. This one was used in the months of May and June and September and October by the Vanderbilts. Otherwise, it was only occupied by the help.  It is one of the smallest of the Vanderbilt's mansions.

Bust in the Entryway

These were in the entryway also.

The Reception Room

Ceiling in the Reception Room

Men's Smoking Room

Our Guide said back in the days when the home was in use, it was not uncommon for a man to smoke 21 cigars a day and that they drank alcohol all day long.  It is a wonder they lived as long as they did!

What we would call the Living Room

Lee did a panorama of the living room - it is just enormous.  It is one whole wing of the house.  The dining room is on the opposite side and is just as large!

The Ladies' Parlor

The ceiling in the Ladies' Parlor

The Ladies Powder Room

The Dining Room

The Dining Room is going to be renovated because the ceiling is coming down.  They have been working on it for six years and haven't made much progress.  Thus the small table!  This room is just as huge as the Living Room!
The Dining Room Ceiling

The staircase at the second floor

The Ceiling Above the Staircase

This is the area above the ceiling in the Reception Area

The Ceiling on the second floor above the Reception Area

Looking down from the second floor on the Reception Area

                            Frederick Vanderbilts Bedroom

This is a model of the yacht that would 
have been moored at the boat dock on the Hudson

Louise Vanderbilt's Bedroom and Bathroom

Guest Bedroom

Butler's Pantry on the 1st Floor

The Servants' Quarters

The Kitchen

Passageway out of the kitchen to the gardens

Next we are off to see the Vanderbilt Gardens.

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