Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Paltz Chaulk Festival - Day 3

Well, it rained last night and we were really afraid to come back this morning.  We were afraid that all of the designs would be ruined.  A few of the areas got really wet and the chalking had to be redone but most of the designs had been covered and were okay.

Rod Tryon still has some work to do to finish this project.

This design got a little washed out and so Liliana is rechalking.

Everyone is hard at work.

Entertainment on the square

K9 Cocktail (aka Water)

The Alice in Wonderland piece was really ruined but they went back to work on it before we left.

Marie Saladino had to rechalk her piece also because the rain washed away some of the color.  It wasn't as bad as the Alice design but it did look better yesterday.

So, with the rain and some of the artists not being done yet this morning, we decided we would come back again after work tonight.  We figure we can get there and see everything done before it gets dark.  

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