Friday, July 18, 2014

New Paltz Chauk Festival - Day 1

Today was the first day of the Water Street Market Chalk Festival which is held in New Paltz, New York.  We've never been to a Chalk Festival but we always enjoy seeing the Chalk artists on Facebook so we decided we should come.  Unfortunately for us, we are always scheduled to work on the weekends and that is when the festivals are.  So, we decided that we would just take a short trip down to New Paltz today before we have to been at work at 2 PM and see if we want to come back tomorrow.  We figure it will take awhile to finish these artistic endeavors.

The Chalk Festival is held in the Water Street Market area which, by itself, is a fun place to visit.  Lots of neat little shops and places to eat.

Little waterfall area

The Main Street

Several little places to play chess if you feel the desire

Large Antique Shop in the big barn above.  The barn is on the level where the artists are working.

Sculptures here and there

This is the backside of the market and the trail in front of it used to be a railroad line.  It is now a long bicycle trail.

This is an area where anyone can apply their artistic talents.  There are walls to chalk on or a car or you can draw on the ground like the other artists are doing.

Here are some of the artists in action.  This morning they are prepping their sites.  Some are painting their sites black.  Others have already done that and some won't do it.  

Many of the artists have chalked their area with a grid so they can follow a pattern.

Some of them are working with a chalk stick to put down an outline of what they want to do like this woman is doing.

Some are free-handing on the ground while taking glances at a picture that they are using as a design.

This artist has a large patten that has lots of holes in it.  He placed the pattern on the ground and taped it down.  Then he chalked all the holes with blue chalk until he had a design to follow.  The pattern below was done like that also.

This woman is cooking with gas and has started her chalking.  I like the teeth.  Can't wait to see what it looks like when she is finished.

We couldn't exactly figure out what this woman did for her pattern but she spent a whole ton of time cutting it out or at least pieces of it.

We can't wait to see what this one is going to look like.  It will be three dimensional when he is finished.  He had some sort of a large round lens mounted on a tripod that he used to show him the perspective.

The works in progress

This guy really got into the grid idea!

Then these two who are working on an Alice in Wonderland scene had a hand-drawn grid and they just got to work chalking!

This artist is Rod Tryon and he can be found on Facebook by looking or Rod Tryon Chalk Artist.  By the time we left you could already see the dimensional effect taking place.

Since we had to get to work by 2 PM, we stopped at the local hot dog vendor and had a couple of dogs before we headed back to work.

 Groovy Blueberry

This is a shop from the 60's and is full of tie-dyed and other apparel that you may have worn back then.  I couldn't resist checking it out.
Lot of this type of stuff in the store.

Bridge by the Groovy Blueberry

Okay, we really enjoyed this morning so we will definitely be heading back tomorrow before work to check out the progress of the artists.

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