Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Innisfree Gardens

Well, the third time is a charm!  The first time we headed out for Innisfree, our GPS took us to the middle of no where to a road that was washed out.  We couldn't figure out how to the find it so we changed our plans and went elsewhere.  The second time we made it to Innisfree but it was closed.   So today was the day and it was well worth the effort. 

In the late 1920s, Walter Beck and his wife, Marion Burt Beck, began work on Innisfree, their country residence. Walter Beck’s fascination with Asian art influenced his ideas on garden design.  The estate has a lot of little "pocket gardens" and there are berms that make the landscaping intriguing.  They also have rocks placed in various area to make the landscape more captivating. 

Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly

Lee coming across the meadow and walking around a berm.

Eastern Wood-Pewee

Canadian Geese

Not sure what kind of mushroom or toadstool this is.

A pocket garden

Great Blue Heron

There really is no clear cut path through the rolling meadows and the pocket gardens.  You just have to head toward something you find interesting.  We did a lot of back tracking because the garden was so pretty.

Another pocket garden

It was a warm day so I cooled off in the spray from the fountain!

We walked around the lake and I think the lady we paid for our entrance fee of $6 each said that it was about a mile around the lake.

This area is called "The Point"

Great Spangled Fritillary (female)

We walked across this bridge at the end of the lake and then followed a wooded path back to the area where we started the garden walk.

This fountain is above the bridge and at the start of the woods.  We sat down in this area for awhile and rested.  Thank goodness we had water with us because it was really getting warm out and we just needed to cool off a little under the shade trees.

I love cattails!

Okay, I wouldn't mind owning this cabin.  We loved the screened in porch.

If you are ever in the area and need to do something to calm your nerves, this is the place to accomplish that.  It is just a peaceful, tranquil place to wander.

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