Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Town of Catskill and Bastion Falls

Today we decided to take another of the scenic drives in Greene County, New York.  We started out in the town of Catskill, New York.

Mural on the side of one of the downtown buildings

The town of Catskill has cats all over the place. They had removed some of the parking meters and put two meters on one pole. Then they used the other pole for this year's cats. They apparently have a contest for them. Last year's winners were quite elaborate but the picture didn't turn out because of the sun filtering through the shop windows.  We took pictures of several of the cats but, believe me, there were a lot more of them!!

Brau Mauser

Night of Day


Katniss - The Hunter Games

Spidey Cat

The Hero of Hyrule

Natalie's Nook

We had lunch in downtown Catskill at Natalie's Nook. It was a little deli type restaurant and the food was quite good.

Scenes in Downtown Catskill

After we left Catskill we headed on down  Route 23A in Greene County, we came across Bastion Falls.  I had Lee pull straight in so I could get a picture even though there was no parking and we were kind of hanging out in the middle of the road.  We were glad we got the picture because we found there was a nice parking lot where you could wander on back and take pictures if you wanted, however, the place was packed and there was certainly not room for our truck!

Bastion Falls

Next we were off to see St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Hunter, New York.

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