Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sharon Congregational United Church of Christ

We attended church this morning at another UCC Church.  This one is in Sharon, Connecticut which is about 25 miles from Interlake RV Park.  We were warmly greeted when we arrived this morning and invited by several people to attend their fellowship hour after church.  It was a nice change after last week.  It is worth a few miles to worship in a friendly congregation!

Sharon Congregational Church

The altar

The organ is upstairs in the balcony and we plan to attend next week as they are having an Organ Concert with John Hinners playing.  Church will start at 9:45 AM next week. 

This is on the side of the altar and there was a group of musicians that played during the service.   The music this morning was a combination of the old classics and the more modern music that is sung without the benefit of notes to follow.  Neither of us are particularly fond of singing without the music but we have learned a lot of these melodies in our travels.

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