Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Paltz Chalk Festival Day 7 PM

Well, the truck is going to know its way to New Paltz without being steered because we have been here four times in the last three days!  The festival is now over and the vendors have all packed up their wares and we were able to find a place on the street to park the truck.  When we arrived there was a lot of people milling around looking at all the final art designs.

Kat Kadoodle by Katherine and Hannah Parrella

Dohnuts by Shane Mesmer

It is too bad that our pictures are at an angle because this lady really had just a big a head as she had shoulders.  It is just the angle that we had to take the picture at.  

Snug Harbor by Carmen Doyon

Chalktopus by Chelsea Calnan

Emergency Exit by Michael Las Casas

Aesops by Roxanne Correll

Easternay by Liliana Washburn

Arrive by Janet Tombros

by Grahm Curtis

Brother Fred by Lysa Ashly

by Nate and Jill Baranowski

by Marie Saladino

by Thomas Gould

Olde Good Things by Wayne and Cheryl Renshaw

by Lorelle Miller

by David Lepore

by Ann Hefferman

Alice by Rebecca Hanson and Maya Manfred

Alice in Wonderland is back to being nice and bright.  It is too bad they had to rechalk after the rain last night.

by Jay Schwartz

Marilyn Monroe by Joel Yau

If you could see this picture in person, it looked just like Marilyn Monroe.  We needed a ladder in order to get the perspective right!

by Katie Better

by Ken Mullen

The picture above and below were really one large chalk painting.  These two boys were arm and arm.

by Hector Diaz

by Henry Darnell

by Deahnara Rega

by Sharyn Namnath

The festival is over and people are just milling about like us looking at all the completed chalk art.

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  1. Thank you for posting this pictures. This event is amazing. I was really happy to be part of it.