Monday, July 7, 2014

Grafton Lakes State Park and I Love NY Pizza

After we left the Peace Pagoda, we decided to check out Grafton Lakes State Park.  One thing about this area really drives us nuts is that most of the State Parks are on parkways and our vehicle is not allowed on any of them so we can't get to them.  This one was one of the first we found that we could take a look at.  However, to our dismay this park wasn't very large unless you were going to do some major hiking through the woods.  The park was mainly a huge beach area where people could swim and a lot of people were taking advantage of that today.

On the way home we decided we had better have something to eat so I got on the GPS and looked for food.  We decided on pizza and I choose I Love NY Pizza which was in the town of Troy, NY.  I did well.  This pizza was just fabulous!  The place has been in business for years and does a whale of a delivery business!

Okay, so we ate half of it before we thought to take a picture!  We took this half home!  You'll note that there isn't any pizza sauce on this pizza and we didn't miss it because the cheese was really good.  They used a brand called Grand Cheese.

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