Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pratt Rock and Red Falls

We are still on our scenic drive in Greene County, New York.  We just arrived in Prattsville, New York on Highway 23.  Prattsville was  named after Zadock Pratt, a congressman and prominent citizen. Pratt built a tannery larger than any other in the world at the time, helping it become a major town in Upstate New York. We first stopped to take some pictures at the local swimming hole. 

Schoharie Creek in Prattsville, NY

There is a nice little beach and a couple of families were enjoying the day!

Then we headed over to Pratt Rock.  Pratt Rock is call the Mount Rushmore of the East but, believe me, there is no comparison! 

This is the information pavillion for Pratt Rock.  Pratt Rock is up, up and up a trail from here.

Pratt was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1836 and 1842. The story goes that a guy that was looking for a handout came onto his property and he told him he didn't believe in giving out handouts but he set him to work making this monument for him.

The opening at the bottom of the above picture is where Zaddock Pratt planned to be buried, however, it was determined that it was too wet and he ended buried with everyone else in the local cemetery.

Zaddock Pratt

This section is the Bureau of Statistics from 1844 which Mr. Pratt originated while he was in Congress. It is his tribute to the working man.

The horse was the first image to be carved on the rock. Mr. Pratt loved horses and had over 1000 of them. The tree is a hemlock and represents the materials that went into his tanning industry. It was the way he obtained his wealth.

After we left Prattsville, we headed back on the road and came to Red Falls on Route 23.

Red Falls

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