Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Yellowstone National Park

After we ate lunch we headed on up the road to Yellowstone National Park.  We figured it would probably be as crowded as Grand Teton but we didn't spend a lot of time in Yellowstone the last time we were here.  We didn't do a lot of stopping at all the sites because we've done them several times but we just kind of wandered and enjoyed the scenery.  We also hoped we could find some animals that didn't disappear because of all the humans!

Looking at the steam from the Mud Pots

Found some Elk that didn't pay much attention to us

Isn't the baby sweet!

We decided to stop at Gibbon Falls because we hadn't been here before!  

                                      Beautiful falls!

We seem to have a storm coming in!

Now leaving Gibbon Falls Area

We stopped in a Gift Shop in Yellowstone and picked up a few trinkets.  We also had some dinner.  By the time we left, it was pouring down rain.  

I finally found a bison!

We've seen these guys on previous trips but 
this guy was on a movie we watched in the Visitor Center!

The clouds are blowing over fast so we may miss this storm.

Well, we found the bison.  There are a few on the road way up in front of us.  The Park Ranger Van just went by to try and alleviate the situation.  Unless he moves the bison, we will be here for awhile.

And here they are!  There were two of them on the road and they finally decided to get in the pasture and everyone started moving forward.  We were probably held up in the line for at least a half an hour!

It's a bit steamy here!

We found a male Elk and he just didn't want to turn around.  He just wanted to show his back side so I finally gave up and took this picture.  They he started to turn around.  Nice looking animal!

This is as good as he would get as far as a picture is concerned!

Yellowstone Lake is huge - 136 square miles!  

It is the largest fresh water lake above 7,000 feet elevation in North America.  In the winter the lake gets 3' of ice except where shallow water covers hot springs.  It freezes over by early December and can remain frozen until late May or early June.

Heading on back to Grand Teton now.  It has been a good day even with the mobs of people and the inclement weather!

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