Friday, August 21, 2015

Hanging Around Waldport, Oregon

We wanted to go crabbing today but it is so windy and cold that we decided to hold off on it.  We did some stuff that needed doing this morning and then ventured out in the afternoon.  

We had pizza for lunch at Ground Central.  We shared a 10" pizza and it was plenty.  There crust is really good.  We watched a lot of garlic rolls walk out of the place.  It is one of their specialties!

 This is the building next door and it is a lawyer's office!

 This is the Whittler's Workshop so we had to visit.

 Lots of interesting things in the Whittler's Workshop.

We were wandering around in the Flea Market and when we walked out we noticed this building.  We thought we knew what we were looking at but we had to be sure.  I took a picture of the sign in  the window.  It is a Cannabis dispensary.  The sign gives all the details on what you need to have to purchase it.

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