Monday, August 3, 2015

Arriving at Cooke City, Montana

We made it to Cooke City, Montana and we were both hungry and ready for something to eat.  

The town is about one street wide with shops on both sides and mountains behind.

Even though we were hungry we decided to stop in this Trading Post and see what we could see.  The first thing we looked at was men's hats.  Lee found a nice black hat and since he lost his hat this afternoon, we bought it and a couple of postcards.  Because we spent more than $10 in the Trading Post, we were allowed to enter their animal exhibits room.  The animals in the room were those that lived in the area.  Wish we would have seen more of them while we were on the road!

After shopping, we headed over to the Beartooth Cafe.  Since they were busy, we decided just to have pie and ice cream because we still have a lot of driving to do and we will be running out of light soon.  We both had their Amish Apple Pie and it was delish!

From this picture you can see how close the mountains are to the town.

They had these Director Chairs that everyone sat in.  They weren't that comfortable and they left me feeling like I needed a booster seat!

We left the restaurant and got on the road again!

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