Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fogarty Creek Park

  Our last stop was Fogarty Creek.

The beach in this park is accessed by walking under the bridge on Highway 101, the Pacific Coast Highway.  The park is full of Sitka spruce, western hemlock, shore pine and alder forest.  There is a cliff-rimmed beach with a lazy creek that flows to the sea.  

We walked under the bridge as we went to the beach

It is pretty amazing.  Looking out toward the ocean, it is foggy and gray.  Looking the other direction, it is sunny and bright.

After walking this beach, we headed to Lincoln City and ate at Little Sambo's for dinner.  It was kind of disaster as we were both starving and they didn't have much help.  We waited to get seated.  Then we waited for someone to wait on us.  Then we waited for our food.  When it came there were sesame seeds all over my meal and, since I am allergic, I had to send it back.  Then I had to wait again.  The only good thing was that they didn't charge for my meal.  We ate here last time we were here and the service was much better and so was the food!

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