Saturday, August 1, 2015

Crossing the Border into Wyoming

The landscape gradually changed along the way and the green hills of Nebraska made way for the rocky outcroppings of Wyoming.  

We stopped for a break right in front of a sign for WYOMING so I took its picture and then proceeded to hang my camera out of the window to get pictures of the sights in Wyoming as we drove to Douglas.  Tomorrow we will be off to Cody, Wyoming.  We plan to drive the Bear Tooth Highway, however, we may rent a car to do that.

All yesterday and today we have seen tons of bikers heading to Sturgis, South Dakota for the 75th Sturgis Motor Cycle Rally.  They say they are expecting over 1 Million bikers this year.  If the restaurants and roads we've been on are any indication, they may get there.  I don't think I'd want to camp anywhere near the place this year.  We were there for the rally in 2010 and it was crazy enough for us!

When we went through Lusk,Wyoming today, they had a police officer at the stoplight at the intersection of US Highway 20 and US 85 directing traffic and ignoring the light.  I think there would really have been a traffic jam if  he wasn't there.  He didn't look real happy about it though! lol

We stopped at this little Rest Stop because my battery died on the camera and Lee had to go get another one inside the 5th Wheel.  Well, I thought I had another one in my purse!!

It's really looking like Wyoming now!

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