Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cape Disappointment State Park

After we left the Cranberry Museum and Gift Shop, we went to Cape Disappointment State Park. It's located at the point where the Columbia River empties into the Pacific Ocean. We stopped first at the Beard's Hollow overlook. 

The beach from the overlook 

In the state of Washington the beach is a state highway. It's legal to drive on the beach. 

A car driving on the beach 

Waikiki Beach 

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse from Waikiki Beach 

Welcome sign on the path to the Lewis and Clark 
Interpretive Center in Chinook

Plaque identifying the Alder trees along the path 

A feathered friend along the path - an American Pipit 

One of many Sitka Spruce trees along the path

 Fort Canby

View of Cape Disappointment from the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center 

Memorial to lost sailors 

 A rockful of cormorants

Models of boats used by the Corps of Discovery

Half-scale replica of dugout canoe used by Lewis and Clark Expedition - the steel ring shows the actual size

Some of the library of reference texts
carried on the expedition 

Types of clothing worn by Meriwether Lewis
on the expedition 

At journey's end - The final camp of the journey was located on the north bank of the Columbia River

In the maritime display area 

Windows overlook the Pacific Ocean 

First Order Fresnel Lens originally installed in the
Cape Disappointment lighthouse and later in the
North Head lighthouse

Last Roo Restaurant where we ate a late lunch 

Inside the Last Roo 

Some of the decor 

A mascot stands in the entryway 

Boardwalk across Beards Hollow

 Beards Hollow

More of Beard's Hollow 

North Head Lighthouse 

The fog is closing in

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